Delhi Elections will be fought on the Agenda set by Aam Aadmi Party says Dr. Yogendra Yadav and Prof. Anand Kumar.

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., April 21, 2013/NRINewswire/– Aam Admi Party National Executives Dr. Yogendra Yadav and Prof. Anand Kumar said AAP will change the rules of the game in coming Delhi assembly elections.

In a talk organized by Philadelphia Aam Aadmi Party, Dr. Anand Kumar said that India is going through the revolution of rising frustrations and it is the duty of the citizens to avert this situation.

Prof. Anand Kumar said, ‘when good people are left, politics were left to bad people that why politics has become a dirty word today.

It was not the heritage of India, nor the age-old temples and rivers which make us free. These were there for thousands of years and we were still subjugated to the foreign rule. It is masses which came into politics changed it.’

IMG_0256He said, ‘Gandhi could effect a mass awakening, only when his spirituality and righteousness coupled with politics. He urged all to take part in the political system.

‘There are deficiencies in our system like deficiency of governance, development, legitimacy and democracy. These can only be changed when masses get into politics.

We can blame politicians for all the deficiencies in the system, but we cannot blame for the deficiency of citizenship. It is our duty to rise.’

Prof. Anan Kumar said, ‘except one or two, all national and regional political parties have become nepotistic and started making money, rather than serving people. The crime-politics nexus has paralyzed the democracy. Money, muscle and media power in election system will be challenged by Aam aadmi Party.’

‘Aam aadmi party is promoting the transparency and democracy within the party and outside,’ said Prof. Kumar.

‘India is country of social, political and economic experiments. Some of the experiments require new chapters, new initiatives. But who will do it?’ Prof. Anand Kumar questioned. He said, ‘All of you (NRIs) are unknowingly becoming the alternative role models for Indians. One person going abroad from one Mohalla or village creates a dream among the youth that solution is out there. But, you being living abroad are in a position to send a message that if there is no solution in India, there is no solution at all.’

Dr. Anand Kumar urged all NRIs to send a message that corruption is poisonous, bad education, bad health and bad governance is something that needs to be addressed and let us replace bad politics by good one.

Addressing the gathering Aam Aadmi Party National Executive, Dr. Yogendra Yadav referred Gadhar movement, which was started by NRIs during the Indian Independence movement.

Dr. Yadav said, ‘In 1947, India was an impossible country. It was predicted that the India would not survive as a country.  But now when we look at it, it is a reality. India, statistically, was considered as an improbable democracy. But now it is the biggest outlier of set of countries with similar conditions. India was also considered as a laggard. But, the intellectual centers of west shifted, we started to see Indians culturally confortable.

When the idea of India was up for renewal, our political leadership failed us.  The idea of India is an idea that we can create democracy in deep diversity,’ said Dr. Yadav.

‘Instead of fighting and taking the battle of democracy forward and higher level, we are actually fighting for absolutely rudimentary things.’

‘But the spirit of India, which is still alive. Anna movement symbolizes that spirit. It was re discovery of goodness in the people of India. It was not about Lokpal but about Lokbal – the people’s power. ‘

Dr. Yadav said, ‘either you determine what your politics is otherwise politics will decide what your life will be.’

Taking political turn was inevitable in Anna Hazare’s movement. A movement that seeks to control corruption cannot but become political. This is the logical culmination of the movement.

IMG_0273 (1)Dr. Yadav said, ’if you want to stay out of politics and talk about corruption, then you can talk only about petty corruption but not the corruption of Robert Vadra, or Yaddi Yurappa or Pramod Mahajan or Mayavati or Lalu Pasad Yadav.’ He said, ‘if you want to go into the source of the corruption, then one has to take the route of politics.’

‘If you want to something big, which is substantial and enduring, there is no way you can avoid politics.

‘History has opened an opportunity. Aam Aadmi Party is a desperate attempt to turn the tiny opportunity in to an enduring opportunity. Aam Aadmi party created an internal Lokpal, and rules to ensure the democracy within the party and there is no high-command system like other parties.

State and District bodies will be elected by the local members but not by the national committee. Similarly, the local members will select the candidate for assembly and parliament seats.’

Dr. Yadav said politics and agitation are not exclusive. There are mutually inclusive. And we wanted to touch the ‘aam aadmi’ the last person of India.

We (Aam Aadmi Party) want to be found standing as an alternative when the aam aadmi – the last person of India, when they look for.

Dr. Yagendra  Yadav said, ‘Delhi elections will be fought on the agenda that Aam Aadmi party has set. Bijili (electricity) will be an issue. Paani (water) will be an issue and already other political parties started talking about these issues, which AAP started agitation.

Dr. Yadav said, ‘Aam Aadmi Party will change the rules of the game. Six months ago no one spoke about Robert Vadra. During the times of Vajpayee, no one dared to talk about Ranjan Bhattacharya. Everyone knows but no one spoke. AAP changed this. When AAP said that king is naked, now it has become difficult for everyone to pretend that king is not naked.’ He said, ‘AAP will change the future of India by drawing honest and idealistic youth into politics that is deeper success.

Answering to a question, Dr. Anand Kumar clarified that ‘Anna Hazare did not disapprove the political party. ‘Anna have his reservations but, agreed to campaign for AAP if good candidates were fielded.’

Dr. Yadav said, ‘revival of conscience of people of India has given birth to Aam Aadmi Party.

The meeting was organized by Ravi Mayreddy, Madhava Mosrla, Sumanth Garakarajula, Prabhakar Parag and Vinod of Philadelphia AAP. Himnashu and Jayesh of New Jersey AAP, Suman Kumar of Boston AAP were also in the meeting.

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