A Virtual Call Center by Aam Aadmi Party

AAP's Virtual Call Center

Did any political party ever respond to a citizen’s question? – Aam Aadmi Party answers every email ever written to it !!

15,049 emails from ordinary Indians (Residing all over the world), asking the party various questions about AAM AADMI Party, their agenda, Vision and  many of other subjects

Another 10,966 emails from AAM AADMI SUPPORTERS,  providing the party ideas and suggestions on how to campaign, how to tackle tricky issues etc.

These 26,000 + emails were not just in English and Hindi, but some were in other Indian languages too.

A Project of humongous proportions, especially when these emails have to be replied individually in their respective languages. On top of that, all emails had to be replied within 2 months

The Web Response Team comprised of about 30+ members from different parts of India and few from the USA and UK.

Interestingly, almost  none of the team members had ever met each other.  Most communications were through email, chat and maybe an occasional phone call.

Documents (Both in English and Hindi) that provided standardized formats of replies were created. A Web-Based Software was designed to manage the responses of these emails.

Questions or Ideas that were tougher were escalated to be replied more thoroughly.

A Total of 18067 emails were individually replied back either in Hindi or English

1858 emails were escalated & replied in more details and 4893 emails were archived and not replied, since they were either repeated emails/spam or plain absurd.

A near impossible task of individually replying to each of the 26,000+ emails, was achieved by the dedicated volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party for absolutely free

Friends — Please take a bow to this team for achieving an unbelievable feat, 9 days before their Self Imposed  deadline !!

If you wish to volunteer and help Aam Aadmi Party, please register to volunteer at http://support.aamaadmiparty.org/user?destination=profile-volunteer

– Anand Sharma (AAP USA VOLUNTEER)

Our readers said:

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  1. Srikanth says:

    I am on it

  2. Satyam says:

    Good Job

  3. somya says:

    Awsm. Work Aap.. hatsoff

  4. Saroj Tamang says:

    A perfect example to lead with action. Great work

  5. Neel says:

    I appreciate this great effort especially in an environment of ‘Apathetic Indian’.
    I received replies to both of my emails but both did not solve the questions.
    Those replies were just replies for reply sake.
    I suggest to make the ‘contact/query/redressal’ form more complex by making it multipaged and more automated rather than giving out a contact email address.That way sorting out (between queries, complaints,suggestions etc) would be easier and sending in queries will be more serious as one has to fill in multiple pages.

  6. hrushi kesh pujari says:

    on line survey should be conducted to find out honest candidates of AAP foe election in small towns. thereafter a screening and scrutinising should be done. for this purpose help of local retired persons can be taken. non political students should be motivated. Local youth must be involved. help of local teachers. artists sports persons should also be taken.

  7. Harinarayan says:

    Excellent , work, NRI team. I am proud to be the part of AAP global

  8. Shashwat Gautam says:

    अभुत्वपूर्व और बेहद ही उम्दा प्रयास।

  9. Shalini Gupta says:

    Wow! Hats off to the efforts of this team. These are AAPs silent warriors!

  10. Rakesh Kumar Sharma says:

    One Question from CM Delhi
    मुख्य मंत्री जी कृपया बताएं डबल डेकर फ्लाई ओवर ब्रिज से गरीबों का क्या लाभ होगा :-

    क्या डी टी सी बस इसके ऊपर से जायेगी क्यों कि सिंगल फ्लाई ओवर के ऊपर तो वो चढ़ नहीं पाती ?
    क्या उस पर ‘ग्रामीण सेवा’ जिसमे गरीब लोग फल-सब्जी कि तरह भर कर सफ़र करते हैं का रास्ता बनाया जायेगा?
    या फिर साइकिल के लिए वो ठीक रहेगा|
    नहीं वह तो पैदल चलने वालों कि सुरक्षा का ध्यान रखते हुए बनाये जायेंगे शायद |
    कार वालों कि सुविधा के लिए करोड़ों खर्च कर बनाया गया एकमात्र बी आर टी तो बेकार किया जा रहा है ?
    पब्लिक ट्रांसपोर्ट को ठीक करने कि आड़ में क्यों हमसे वसूले टैक्स कि ऐसी-तैसी कराने का प्रबंध किया जा रहा है ?

    अगर सच में गरीबों का ध्यान है तो उनके बच्चों की उचित शिक्षा का सच्चे मायने में प्रबंध किया जाए ताकि उनकी अगली पीढ़ी तो वोट देने का मायना समझ सके |

  11. Kritika says:

    We are glad to have provided this ‘Virtual Call Center’ service :)
    It’s not about just AAP’s success but the success of India. Way to go!!

  12. Anand mohan says:

    Arvind sir there are so many corruption in private company so what stand u r taking for ths type of corruption .because this type of corruption is noy come out fromprivate company.and our indian who is working in private se ctor they are tourcherd badly by seniour member of company .private company such as building construction company they are using very bad type of material for construction .and dont give any type of guareenty for the building.and they treat labour not good.regading safety.and daily wages. So plz take action against these .type of work for the better of private sector and india.and indian people.

  13. SAMUEL says:



  14. Jitender m sidh says:

    I support aam aadmi party in India and USA

  15. Dilshad Khan (DK) says:

    hi there – i want to help support the cause of AAP as i firmly believe in it. I am from connecticut. How can i join and help.

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